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Ken Dodge and Who's Your Daddy on stage with 4 guitars from Barbara Guitars

The company was founded in 2001: I have been playing, customizing and building guitars since I was seven years old. After a brief career at a local guitar icon – I started the company to build guitars on my own that the big guys wouldn’t build. I named the company as a tribute to my Mother who was my first music teacher and who had recently passed away.

We deal with Studio Musicians and Performing Musicians: These are the most demanding, but also the most appreciative, when it comes to what we do. We also deal with students since this is where the next class of professionals will come from. Teaching is in my blood.

We are bilingual: We speak Music and English.

We only hire guitar players: We believe you shouldn’t build one if you can’t play one !

Alan R. Kenyon Luthier/Owner


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