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Anthony and Fran Cosmo, Jody Turpin, Paul Curcio, Ken Ryan, Jeff Kylloe, Bill Roberson, Kenny Loggins, Dennis Daniels, Mark Wilson, Greg Walker, Ronnie Whitefield, Shannon Lannom, Keith Coates, Sonny West, Lou Gramm, Gene Nix, C. Michael Spriggs, Matt Steel, Clay Rigdon, Michelle Malone, Gregg Horn, James Lane, Gary LaBarr, Hartley Jones, JLo, Ken Dodge, Bryan Graves, Jason Manning, Doug Gery, Karen and Len Jinks, John and Susan Wair, Christi Allen, William R. Kenyon and:

We at Barbara Guitars   would like to thank:

All our customers from Wild Bills in Atlanta to the strip in Vegas




and last but not least

Barbara Louise Kibbe Kenyon

for 2021 & 2022

For the second year in a row.....
The Number One retailer in the world is

Ovation Music and Studios

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